I am Vyacheslav Maltsev.

On behalf of the people who have already begun their revolution, I turn to the rest of the Russian people and, in particular, to every citizen of this country.

We are all tired of Putin's tyranny and of his endless constitutional infractions on the legitimate rights of the common people. We are tired of Putin's theft, humiliation, his monstrous unfairness and of the dull hopeless existence and backwardness of our country. We are the people, and the strength, of Russia!

Since ancient times, two opposing principles have dominated the world.

First: even if the world will collapse, law will persist.

Second: the highest law is the preservation of the welfare of the people.

Putin follows neither of these principles.

Eighteen years of presidency finds him constantly and systematically breaking the regulations of the constitutional referendum (our central legislative work) not in favor of the Russian people, but for his own enrichment and the enrichment of his corrupt allies, who have in turn become millionaires and call themselves the elite!

Putin violates the constitution for his own benefit, all the while dividing authority among his satraps.

The elections are rigged, the current authority is immovable, and no one is interested in the views of the populace. All these facets are in fact prohibited under anti-constitutional law.

Russia's prospective, which for many years has been illustrated by Putin, is a flickering glint in the future that many of us will not live long enough to see. Ten years ago, the Kremlin administration said they would not plan into the future because Putin wants to focus on the now. But, for the people of Russia, the right to live in the present is flatly refused.

Right now, the whole world is stepping into the next socio-economic period, into a new era, which we call the information age. Instead of joining the rest of the world, Russia is being dragged into feudalism by Putin who is trying his hardest to lead our people into slavery. Critique of Putin's reforms have been written off as fairy-tales or anti-utopias. New taxes and dues are introduced practically every day. There is even a tax on mushrooms, berries and even cones, just like in the cartoon about the greedy wolf. Much like in the fairy tale, Chipolino, charges are collected for catching rainfall. The fight against extremism reminds one of Orwell's dystopian novel, 1984, where people are tried at court for 'thought crimes.'

Putin distributes our land to China, all the while seizing the land of our native people. He distributes our wealth to other nations, forgiving them billions in debt but never forgiving a penny of his own people's.

 My fellow countryman Nikolai Gavrilovich Chernyshevsky said, "The right to live and be happy - an empty wish for a man who does not have the means to do and be so."

Russia's population of 148 million people accounts for less than 2% of the world's population, and yet Russia's wealth makes up more than 40% of the world's wealth. In the face of this, the people of Russia are poor and disenfranchised because our wealth has been stolen by the same people who stole our rights; the same who stole Russia from us. Even if you never justify them as the "Cooperative Lake" or the "New Elite", they will forever remain Putin's gang. They stole the very right to live and be happy from us.

They have growing children and grandchildren and they want to rob us forever. They want to rule us forever. They figure themselves a new nobility, and us their servants.

We oppose them! We are against the authority of corrupt criminals protected by unjust courts and serviced by false media.

Remember, that according to Article 3 of the Russian Constitution:

1. The bearer of sovereignty and the only source of power in the Russian Federation is its multinational people.

2. The people exercise their authority directly, as well as through state authorities and local self-governing bodies.

3. The highest expression of power by the people is a referendum and free elections.

4. No one can appropriate power in the Russian Federation. The seizure of power or the appropriation of power is prosecuted under federal law.


Putin seized the power and his sword assumed complete authority.

For 18 years under Putin's dictatorship, the Russian people have never been given the chance to hold a referendum and exercise their power directly as required by the Constitution. Universal and equal rights have been formally limited to "filters". A list of candidates from any political ideology, from any parliamentary party, must be approved by the Putin administration.

 We are tired of it!

Therefore, we - the people of Russia - move to a direct referendum on November 5th, where we will simply vote with a show of hands. We are the authority here!

We demand:

  1. The immediate resignation of Putin.

        2. The immediate resignation of the Russian government.

        3. The immediate dissolution of the Federation Council and the State Duma and Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation.

        4. The Dissolution of the Constitutional Court.

        5. The resignations of the Chairman of the Supreme Court, the Prosecutor General, the Chairman of     the Investigative Committee, the Director of the FSB, and others.

We will elect a tribunal to hear cases concerning state crimes as well as long-term violations of the Constitution by Putin and his gang, and will immediately arrest all known corrupt officials!

On March 18, 2018, the presidential election will be held. Let it take place, for on the same date we will hold our own election, as well as the elections for the other positions of state power.

The people are interested in making the elections fair and honest.

Therefore, no Putin crony should remain in the election commissions. The complete replacement of these committee members will give an opportunity to hold elections honestly.

Within a week of Putin's resignation, the people gathered on the ground will elect delegates who will appoint a Transitional Government at a congress in Moscow. This government will lead the country until all authorities are elected. The condition for election to this government will be that all its members will be obliged to refuse in advance their participation in the March 18, 2018 elections.

We, the people of Russia, will:

- restore the constitutional regime throughout the territory of the Russian Federation.

- abolish all anti-constitutional laws and regulations.

- will immediately discontinue all the aggressive wars unleashed by Putin.

- prohibit the repressive, anti-populace activity of the special services in the Russian territory.

- nationalize illegally and criminally stolen property and all national wealth.

- legally assign a share of national wealth and establish an unconditional monthly income to each citizen.

- enact lustration.

- confiscate and give all the wealth of the corrupt to the needy, thusly solving the housing problem of our citizens in the shortest time possible.

- gratuitously transfer land stolen by corrupt officials, as well as unused and agricultural land to farmers for personal use.

- declare full economic amnesty for individuals and legal entities and forgive all debts from usurious bank loans, including mortgage. Similarly, the people's state will take on the debts of citizens on alimony.


- immediately raise pensions, allowances and salaries of state employees to the level of developed European countries by confiscating the national wealth stolen from the people.

- establish an electoral system for all heads of state bodies, such as prosecutors, judges, chiefs of militia as well as heads of local self-government. Elect positions will be limited to one term of no more than 5 years.

- apply Constitutional Law concerning truth and openness to officials of all levels, guaranteeing the immediate dismissal of officials for deceit relating to the execution of their official duties.

- initialize the monitoring of the work of public authorities and local government by the people through online broadcasts on the internet. Everything that happens in every institutional cabinet and all the working documents of any body, including all those financially concerned, will be placed on the internet as public resources. Audio recordings of all official telephone conversations of all government officials will be available as well.

- adopt a law that requires a responsible government to establish liability officials for decision taking.

- declare a full administrative amnesty and amnesty for most people who have committed criminal offenses.

 On November 5th, we all march to the nationwide referendum, which will be the beginning of the People's Revolution of 2017! We will not back down until all the demands of the Russian people are satisfied!

Citizens of Russia, if we come out on November 5th, then Putin's regime must leave, and with them will leave illegality, poverty, backwardness and monstrous injustice.

We are the people, we are the strength, we are the power!

Long live the revolution! Long live freedom! Long live Russia!

Down with tyranny!

The sun shines for everyone!

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